Effect of Pregnant Women's Fear of Covid-19 on Their Expectations, Experiences, and Reactions in The First Ultrasound Examination

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25077/jom.8.1.43-54.2023


Ebru Gözüyeşil (Cukurova University) Orcid ID
Ayseren Çevik (Cukurova University) Orcid ID
Cemile Onat Köroğlu (Hatay Mustafa Kemal University) Orcid ID
Rukiye Sülü Dursun (Cukurova University) Orcid ID
Şule Gökyıldız Surucu (Cukurova University) Orcid ID
Burcu Avcıbay Vurgeç (Çukurova University) Orcid ID


This study aims to determine the effect of pregnant women’s fear of COVID-19 on their expectations, experiences, and reactions in the first ultrasound examination. This study was conducted with 166 pregnant women who visited the polyclinic in a Hospital of University, on the March and May, 2021 and, have an ultrasound examination for the first time. Data were collected using the Personal Information Form, the Fear of COVID-19 Scale (FCV-19S), and the Parents’ Expectations, Experiences, and Reactions to Routine Ultrasound Examination Scale (PEER-U). The average age of pregnant women was 29.02±5.56. While 15.1% had a COVID-19 positive history, 8.4% lost someone they knew due to COVID-19. FCV-19S score was found 18.26±5.32. Fear of COVID-19 scores were higher in women who did not work and who had their first pregnancy.  While the mean score for PEER-U before was 59.05±6.99, the mean score for PEER-U after was 65.07±4.53. While a positive correlation was reported between FCV-19S and the scores for PEER-U before (r=0.392), no significant correlation was detected between FCV-19S and the scores for PEER-U after.  Pregnant women were found to experience an average fear of COVID-19. It was found a correlation between COVID-19 and the scores for PEER-U before. The fear of COVID-19 and the scores for PEER-U before were found to be affected by some socio-demographic characteristics.


Pregnancy, COVID-19; expectation; experience; PEER-U scale

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